About us

Blue Star Power Solutions came into existence in 2006. It is promoted by eminent technocrats with an aim to offer a wide range of solutions in power generation.

We cater to a broad spectrum of industry verticals, including heavy engineering, safety glass, chemical, pharmaceutical, software, hospitals, hotels, residences and apartments.


A sale deed is just the beginning of our commitment to us. Through marketing value-added products, backing it up with the best services available in the industry and by building a strong bond with our valued customers, we have traversed a wonderful path. Blue Star Power Solutions delivers the perfect solution to every customer and hence an ultimate edge. We ensure it by handling every minute detail, right from conception, design, installation, commissioning and post-sale service, armed with world’s best cutting-edge technology and expertise.

Our Vision

Blue Star Power Solutions strives to be a world-class organisation in offering energy management solutions, through the generators and electrical control panels we supply. We adopt the best industry practices that are recognised across the world and have our customers, employees, society, and environment on top of our agenda.

Our Mission

Blue Star Power Solutions’ motto is customer satisfaction through energy-efficient solutions. We focus on green solutions at an optimal range.

Our Team

Blue Star Power Solutions’ team of professionals have the expertise and domain knowledge of the field to help your business grow further. It is structured in a way to be your best partner in all your initiatives and will guide you through the entire process of energy management.
Repose your trust, and you will be never disappointed!

At your service

Are you a manufacturing unit looking for a consistent power back-up? Does your new realty project need an uninterrupted supply? How about a reliable solution for your medical unit? Fret not, as you are at the right place.

We deliver optimal solutions, customised to suit your specific needs on request. IT companies, too, rely on us to run their businesses smoothly.

Be it temporary power back-up or permanent solutions, we are here to offer you maximum benefits. From mobile generators and bedding gensets to replacing your outdated models, Blue Star Power Solutions gives you adequate options based on your requirements.

Statutory approvals

In order to run a DG set in your premises, you ought to secure permission from the electrical inspectorate. Based on the rental contract, we will take up the installation and commission of the set – both on the chargeable and non-chargeable basis.

Quality and Safety Policy

In line with our corporate vision and mission, we are committed to demonstrating sustained improvement in our quality and through our environment-friendly practices in offering power generating systems.
bluestar about us

In order to achieve this, we are committed to:

  1. Maintaining our leadership position through total customer satisfaction.
  2. Staying ahead of the pack by improving operational efficiency.
  3. Sustaining improvement in our quality standards and prompt delivery service.
  4. Undertake elimination, substitution, minimisation/controls of environmental aspects as a preferred approach followed by effective operational controls.
  5. Complying with current applicable quality and environment legal and regulatory requirements and other ones as subscribed by the organisation
  6. Prevention of pollution, injury and ill health
  7. Proactively monitor and report the incidents, unsafe acts/ conditions and abandon work that is unsafe.
  8. Optimising consumption of resources, conserve energy and reduce waste generation.
  9. Strengthening awareness, skills and competence of employees and business associates to enable them ensure good QE management through ongoing training, communication, consultation and participation.
  10. Strictly adhering to the Standard Operating Procedures and safety practices, and make everyone accountable for his/her safety.
  11. Communicating this policy to all employees working for and on behalf of the organisation and make the policy available to the interested parties on demand.

 Customer Satisfaction

We intend to provide energy-efficient, green solutions, and service back-up round the clock for our clientele.

Product Portfolio

In association with Kirloskar Generators, the largest diesel-generating set manufacturer in India, Blue Star Power Solutions offers the most advanced sound-attenuated D.G sets ranging from 5 KVA to 2,000 KVA.

We offer a comprehensive product and service support for the complete D.G Sets through what we term as Single Window Service Network. We deal with superior quality products that need minimal maintenance that include Cummins, Kirloskar Green, and Ashok Leyland D.G Sets.


We keep monitoring and assessing your changing requirements and upgrade or reduce the power back-up options accordingly. With a lot of flexibility and complete understanding of your business, we are committed to extending you the best service.

  1. Customised Annual Maintenance Contract for Multi branded D.G Sets
  2. Operation & Maintenance of D.G Sets
  3. Providing D.G Sets on Hire
  4. Supply of acoustic/ room treatment for D.G Sets & Machineries
  5. Installation of D.G sets
  6. Turnkey projects
  7. Major & Minor overhauls for D.G Sets
  8. Periodical servicing, radiator servicing for D.G Sets
  9. Alternator rewinding facility
  10. Control Panel rewiring, modification, commissioning etc…
  11. Liasoning of D.G sets, Transformers, Lifts
  12. Testing & Calibration of protective relays, Metes, Ct’s, Pt’s, HT & LT Panels etc…
  13. Filtration of Transformers