Transformer Oil Filtration

Transformer Oil is important for the running of the transformer and is the dielectric substance that helps in maintaining their temperature. Filtration is vital for the proper running and functioning of the transformer.

Transformer Oil filtration bangalore
Transformer Oil filtration Bangalore

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Transformers require filtered and dried oil. During its usage, the insulting oil absorbs moisture and gets polluted by sopping fibers, dirty particles, aging products, and soot. Even unused oil is not clean enough as it may have absorbed moisture from the air or may have got polluted in the barrel it was stored in. The efficiency of the oil as an insulating material is highly reduced as the moisture level increases. Hence, transformer oil filtering is an important process which eliminated solid particles, dissolved gases and dissolved water. The electrical properties of the oil can be enhanced by filtering, dehydration and degassing. Oil filtering keeps the transformer in good condition and increases its life.

The Oil Treatment Processes
Mainly there are 3 types of oil treatment processes

  1. Filtering
  2. Purification with drying Process
  3. Regeneration or reclamation with degassing

The filtering process involves transformer oil filtering at a temperature of about 40 degree Celsius. The process filters fine contaminated particles with the help of filtering device.

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Almost 75 percent of the transformer failure happens due to contaminated and deteriorated oil. It is important to filter the transformer oil. Regular maintenance is of utmost significance as it is a great financial burden to replace or repair the transformer. Ignoring transformer oil filtering can lead to

  • Arcing
  • overheating, which reduces electrical efficiency as well as the life of the transformer
  • Corona Discharges
  • Decrease in insulating strength of the transformer oil