Kirloskar Green Diesel Generators Bangalore Sales Service AMC

Kirloskar Gensets are manufactures using the best brands in the country like –

  • Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited (KOEL) manufactured Engines & Alternators
  • SAIL & TISCO Steel for Base Frame and Fuel Tanks
  • Exide for Batteries
kirloskar green dg sets
kirloskar green dg sets

Kirloskar supplies the drawings and know-how for all the components and oversees the manufacturing of DG sets to ensure that Gensets supplied with the brand name of “KIRLOSKAR GREEN” are made according to strict quality standards.


This is a unique service in which our team of experts thoroughly assess your power requirements, down to the minute details. Then they recommend and install the ideal genset for you. If you ever need to service the genset, you will find a Kirloskar Service Dealer in your very neighbourhood. Power finally is in your hands.


Kirloskar Gensets are used for all kinds of applications both indoors and outdoors, mobile and fixed. Some of our clients belong to the following sectors –

  • Central Government
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • State Government
  • All Business Segments
  • All Agricultural and Industrial Services
  • Cellular operators
  • IT Companies
  • BSNL
  • Builders etc.

Products at a Glance:

Sailent Genset Features
Customised Product Range:

  1. Ready to use gensets, available in wide range from 5 to 600kVA.
  2. Gensets powered with Air Cooled & Liquid Cooled engines.
  3. DG Sets available in Multiple sets in synchronization for running parallel operations.
  4. Custom built tailored to meet your exact power needs.

Smart Aesthetics:

  1. State of the art design..
  2. Compact in size, smaller footprint saving money on space.
  3. Aesthetically superior, fully integrated weather proof acoustic enclosure.
  4. Light weight design.

Environment Friendly: The power to save environment and the earth.:
Gensets confirm to low noise emission norms as per CPCB.
Engine compiles to latest stringent international emission norms.

Highest Reliability:
Utmost realialility ensuring constinious power for smooth operation.
Wet liner design ensures high reliability.
Electronic Governor for Isochronous governing & paralleling operations as optional up to 200 kVA & standard scope for 250 kVA & above.
Extremely rugged, durable design.
Low lifecycle costs.
Safety for low lube oil, high cylinder head, high water temperature, low fuel level etc.
State of the art technology for operations in low/high ambient temperature, high humidity and high attitude.

Unmatched Performance:
Low Fuel & lube oil consumption ensuring  excellent economy.
Low noice & vibration levels.
High fuel efficiency at part operating load.
Lowest power to weight ratio in its class.
No oil top up required between two service.
K-cool super plus for longer life.

Maintenance friendly design, ease of operation:
Ready to use design.
Easy serviceability for routine maintenance, replacement, overhaul.
Modular design, ensuring lower maintenance cost.
Ensures long maintenance cost.
Ensures long maintenance intervals.
Easy availability of spare parts.
Minimum cost for maintenance, spares, services.
Smart Genset Monitor Control (GMC) for closely monitoring the engine, genset & safety system.
Annual maintenance contract through service dealers.
PAN India single point AMC.