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AMF Panels

An AMF control panel (Automatic Mains Failure control panel) is the ideal choice in cases where you have to control a generator that is connected to the Mains in a standby configuration.

BlueStarPower Solutions is Bangalore’s leading AMF Panels Seller.  And also helps you with Service, Maintenance, and Repair of AMF Panels.

AMF Panel
AMF Panel

The AMF control panel is fitted with an AMF controller that manages, in a fully automatic way, the connection assignment of the load to mains or generator avoiding connection mains to the generator.

The panel includes miscellaneous equipment:

  • battery charger
  • electronic circuit boards
  • power relays and
  • terminal blocks.

The are four basic types of AMF panels:

  • HOME

We can provide you with all types of AMF Panels [/vc_column_text][vc_cta h2=”AMF Panels Seller Bangalore” txt_align=”center”]BlueStarPower Solutions is one of the leading Sellers of AMF Panels. And also helps you with Repair, Service & Maintenance of AMF Panels in and around Bangalore.[/vc_cta][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator color=”blue”][vc_column_text el_id=”avr”]

AVR – Automatic Voltage Regulator

AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator
AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator

BlueStarPower Solutions is one of the leading Sellers of AVR in Bangalore. And also helps you with Repair, Service & Maintenance of AVR.

AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) is an IGBT based electronic device designed to develop and regulate voltage from an isolated auxiliary winding with the additional terminal for combination with booster winding.

Further, it can be also interfaced to PMG (Permanent Magnet Generator) type alternator. In addition, AVR is loaded with engine relief module which assists engine to recover its rated rpm in short time when the high torque load is imposed on an alternator.

AVR can be interfaced to 3 Phase sensing or 2 Phase sensing module along with options to sense 110 V, 220 V & 415 V. When more than one alternator is required to be synchronized then AVR has interface circuit to connect DROOP CT, external remote potentiometer and/or analog signal. This AVR is compatible with any type of brushless alternator if used within its specified output power limits.

AVR parameters can be adjusted precisely through 25 turns potentiometers. It has built-in protections like Under frequency roll-off ( UFRO) in combination with engine relief module with LED indicator which helps to protect winding burn out due to low frequency. Voltage recovery response time can be adjusted using stability potentiometer and overexcitation current time delay trip LED indicator with fuse protection.[/vc_column_text][vc_cta h2=”Buy AVR Now…All types of AVRs available” txt_align=”center”]BlueStarPower Solutions is one of the leading Sellers of AVR. And also helps you with Repair, Service & Maintenance of AVR.[/vc_cta][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator color=”blue”][vc_column_text el_id=”batterycharger”]

Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers
Battery Chargers

Battery failure is one of the most common reasons emergency generator sets fail to start
Starter batteries are used to crank most emergency generator sets. The prime mover uses either a 12 or 24-volt starter motor.

In a standby application, the generator set is stationary most of the time, running only for exercise periods or during a power outage. The engine-mounted charging alternator on a standby set normally will not run sufficiently to ensure the starter batteries are charged for rapid and reliable starting.
To ensure the battery is adequately charged while the generator set is stationary, a separate static battery charging system is recommended.
An automatic charger system that operates without any manual intervention.

An auto-charger of 12 and 24-volt static automatic battery chargers operate from the AC utility supply. Automatic float/equalizer type systems are strongly recommended for the most reliable and consistent performance. The multistage charger will automatically switch among the three stages of charge to maximize charge time and keep the battery fully charged. Predetermined values can be adjusted to tailor the system to specific batteries.

A drained battery should be recharged as soon as possible. When a battery remains in an uncharged state, the plates are subject to sulfation buildup, which will degrade performance and longevity. If the battery remains uncharged too long, it can become damaged beyond repair.

We Supply reliable Automatic Battery charger with Float charging, 67 KHz switching, Constant output voltage Current limiting, Fail (Relay) output, High Current and short circuit protection, Reverse connection protection, High-temperature protection, Wide range operation voltage, Suitable for Lead Acid battery

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BlueStarPower Solutions is one of the leading Sellers of Battery Chargers.
And also helps you with Repair, Service & Maintenance of Battery Chargers.

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AMF Controllers

AMF controller means Automatic Mains Failure controller. It is used in generator control panel when you have to control a generator that is connected in standby configuration. It is a system that is waiting for a failure of the power utility. A panel fitted with an AMF controller automatically controls the connection assignment of the LOAD to POWER UTILITY or GENERATOR. The generator control panel avoids back-feeding by using the mechanical and electrical interlock. In other words, inside the panel, there are two contactors that connect the load to power utility or generator. It is not allowed the connection GENERATOR-POWER UTILITY. The panel includes the AMF controller and contactors and additionally includes the automatic battery charger and a set of electronic circuit boards complete with power relays. The AMF controllers interfaces with the engine by means of relays. The AMF controller is conveniently tasked with driving the contactors via driving relays as well.

AMF Controller
AMF Controller
  • CanBus J1939 ECU communication
  • Multi-language selections
  • RS-232 communication
  • Speed sensing from Magnetic Pickup
  • Alternator frequency and CanBus ECU
  • Statistic Records
  • Generator phase sequence control
  • Exercise at programmed time intervals3x resistive sender inputs for Temperature
  • Oil Pressure and Fuel Level
  • Configurable 3 inputs and 3 outputs
  • 3 phase alternator voltage measurement
  • 1 phase load current measurement 

Canbus J1939 ECU communication, Parameter configuration via USB port of your notebook, Authorised access, secure communication, Translate LCD text to your language, Log last 50 events & alarm information with measured values, Statistics records, Generator phase sequence control, Remote Start/Stop, Speed and Idle mode control via J1939, Power factor measurement for 3 phases, 4 resistive sender inputs for Level, Temperature, Oil Pressure and Spare, Selectable Resistive sender types; Pt-100, VDO, US, GM, Ford, Datcon, etc.., Speed sensing from alternator voltage or magnetic pickup, 3 phase Load current and earth current measurement, Configurable 7 inputs and 4 outputs, ECU power, ECU stop, Stop or Fuel solenoid selection, Maintenance warning, Red (Shutdown) and Yellow (Warning) alarm lights, Navigation and Shortcut buttons for easy use, Load Test selection, Engine control, Compatible to Diesel or Gas generators, Auto, Manual and Test modes, Active, Reactive, Apparent power measurement, Adjustable Start, Load and Stop timers, SPN, FMI and OC values reading from engines via J1939

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BlueStarPower Solutions can help you buy AMF Controllers
And also helps you with Repair, Service & Maintenance of AMF Controllers.

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Synchronization Panel

Synchroning panel
Synchroning panel

Synchronization panels are mainly designed and used to meet power system requirements.

These panels function both manually and with an automatic synchronizing function for one or more generators or breakers.
They are widely used in synchronizing generators and offering multiplex solutions.

Our high-quality range of DG synchronizing panels is available with capacities that reaches 10000 A, and are fabricated by our engineers using premium quality electrical components including copper bus bar, insulations, wires/cable, PVC channels, transformers, meters, and switches.

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BlueStarPower Solutions is a dealer of Synchronization Panels
And also helps you with Repair, Service & Maintenance of Synchronization Panels